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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
For, say they march to cross and turn our right— A course almost their need—their stretching flank Will offer us, from points now prearranged------"
Shows it, your Majesty, the wariness
That marks your usual far-eyed policy,
To openly announce your tactics thus
Some twelve hours ere their form can actualize ?
The zest such knowledge will impart to all
Is worth the risk of leakages.               (To Secretary)
Write on.
(Dictation resumed)
" Soldiers, your sections I myself shall lead ; But ease your minds who would expostulate Against my undue rashness.    If your zeal Sow hot confusion in the hostile files As your old manner is, and in our rush We mingle with our foes, I'll use fit care. Nevertheless, should issues stand at pause But for a wink-while, that time you will eye Your Emperor the foremost in the shock, Taking his risk with every ranksman here. For victory, men, must be no thing surmised. As that which may or may not beam on us, Like noontide sunshine on a dubious morn ; It must be sure !—The honour and the fame Of France's gay and gallant infantry— So dear, so cherished all the Empire through— Binds us to compass it!
Maintain the ranks ;
Let none be thinned by impulse or excuse Of bearing back the wounded : and, In fine, Be every one in this conviction firm :— That 'tis our sacred bond to overthrow These hirelings of a country not their own :